Friday, 12 March 2010

What is Reportage Wedding Photography

I am often being asked by couples what is reportage wedding photography, so I thought I would take a moment to write down what I think it is.

What is reportage wedding photography?

  • Reportage wedding photography is a style of wedding photography that looks to capture the events of your wedding day as they naturally unfold, with minimal intrusion and intervention.
  • Reportage Wedding Photography is far more natural, spontaneous and candid - often capturing unique moments from the day that go unseen by many.
  • Reportage wedding photographers do not dictate the proceedings of the day (there is nothing worse than going to a wedding and being coralled around like cattle, or made to stand around for eternal group shots).
  • Reportage wedding photography is a fluid record or story of your day from start to finish, rather than a series of staged and contrived shots.

... and What it isn't!
  • Reportage wedding photography isnt an excuse for poor photography! Good reportage wedding photographers dont simply point the camera at events, but anticipate moments that are about to unfold and look to compose them on the move. 
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