Thursday, 5 January 2012

Reflecting on a varied and busy 2011

2011 turned out to be a pretty interesting year, testing me in a wide range of photographic disciplines, as well as testing me personally and mentally. From attention to detail product photography shoots, to extensive travelling around the UK for various events, conferences and pr shoots; corporate briefs in Texas and Qatar to six weeks with the UN/AU in Somalia. Politicians, celebrities, soldiers, acrobats, prize winners and business leaders were amongst those in front of my lens over the year.

The highlight was certainly Mogadishu. Having never done any kind of editorial photography in a hostile environment, the oft-called 'most dangerous city in the world' was possibly not the first place that one might consider to break into it. However, despite the obvious potential dangers I found myself in my element and I enjoyed  my two 3-week tours there with the African Union troops. It's an extraordinary place ravished by 20 years of war, blighted by famine and disease and a constantly complicated, precarious political situation. Against this backdrop there were also incredible moments of hope, joy, pride and humour.

I'm also proud of the body of work that I produced, some of which was published across the world including in the UK, Germany and Australia.
I am looking forward to the opportunity of doing similar work in the coming months - both in Somalia and other regions of Africa.

The year literally ended with me on assignment for a third sector client as as Big Ben chimed to signal the passing of 2011. This picture was taken at 5 seconds past midnight. Not a bad way to start 2012 photographically. Lets hope this year turns out to be as challenging and interesting.

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