Thursday, 21 October 2010

Croatian Magazine stealing my image

Yesterday while doing a routine search of Google images for a number of political figures that I covered for the 2010 Election, I discovered an image of MikeWeatherley, MP for Hove and Portslade taken by me (back in May) in a Croation E-zine called Xmag,  The magazine had used the image to illustrate an article about the recent unfortunate headlines revealed in the Sunday papers (I am not posting an opinion on those headlines).

The picture had been up on there website for at least 5 weeks and had been lifted from the MP's official website (which had been licensed for use by me). Needless to say, I sent Xmag a rather short and sweet email demanding that they pay me for use of the picture. I also in rather juvenile fashion posted on their comment board below the article that this was a infringement of my copyright approximately 30 times.

The Original Photo:  www.anthony-hunt/eventphotography.html

I received a reply this morning from the Editor, stateing they had immediately taken it down (as well as my 30 comments!) and were sorry. Their defence being that there were no terms and conditions on the website. AS IF that was a justifiable reason to steal other people's content.

The problem with this situation is that there is no real recourse to take in this instance that won't probably do me more harm than good. Unfortunately, any legal pursuit of this issue would probably be a huge waste of time and money and result in no financial recompense anyway.

The web, regrettably presents the perfect opportunity for many to infringe copyright, and without constantly searching to check whether your images are being used without permission, enables them to largely get away with it. Even when caught out they can just take it down and almost say what are you gonna do about it?

Photographers be vigilant!

Rant over :o)

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