Friday, 29 October 2010

My favourite wedding photos from the summer

It's been a busy time over the last few months with weekend after weekend of weddings (for which I am grateful),but they have all been fun, lovely couples, amazing venues, and as you would expect the mixed bag of weather that is the British Summer - from 30 degree plus days where i got a sunburnt head to driving rain and my kit soaked through.

Each wedding is different and presents a range of photographic opportunities and I have captured some wonderful images. So many to choose from but these are my personal favourites (in no particular order);

The first three images are from Emily and Andreas' wedding in Arundel.

I love the sheer scale of Arundel Cathedral and the composition of them with the vicars outstretched hand in the bottom corner.

This a beautiful portrait of Emily taken against a bright window. She was completely unaware and I love the profile and details of her hair and veil.

The last image from that day outside the cathedral is just great. A grabbed shot, they just look so happy.

The next image is from Shelley and Iain's wedding - The Sussex countryside at its best.

The next image is a grab shot. Lucy the bride, was crouched down talking to her daughter, and as she looked up she made the perfect eye contact with me. Against that neutral background it's so striking.

More images for their day can be found here

The next two images are from Katie and Mark's wedding in September. I got Mark (a most willing model) to lean over the camera while I tried a crash zoom. The fairy lights in the barn roof produced a great star burst effect.
In the morning just as we were leaving Katie's family home, I saw this porthole window and quickly asked her to pose.  I love the light falling on her face and the slightly unusual composition.

Iain and Shelley's wedding in West Chiltington. The Sussex countryside at its best and a real romantic shot.
Lastly, are three pictures from Maxine and Stuart's wedding. The first is them leaving the church - it's a great spontaneous moment as she celebrates being married.
Confetti shots are always great moments. I tend to choose a low view point to get as much confetti in as possible. At Maxine and Stuart's wedding though I have never known so much confetti thrown (you can see the confettin on my lens). It is part luck, but that you see their expressive faces in between the gaps makes this a cracking image.

The last is my personal favourite, in the limousine with Maxine and Stuart. I lent back to incorporate as much of the roof as I could and it gives a great starburst effect that leads you down to couple and their toast.

Tough decisions - there are so many pictures I could have chosen.  Hope you liked them

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